Did you know that there are over 400 different species in Australia that use tree hollows and it takes more than 100 years for eucalyptus to develop hollows suitable for residents.

Having a nesting box in your garden can provide a much needed hotel for a weary traveler that has found their way into your garden. Your visitor could be a frog, a reptile, a bird or a mammal. If you are anything like me it won’t matter who they are you will be pleased to see them anyway. You may also be lucky enough for them to like their new residence so much that they have their babies there.

You may be really handy and build your own nesting box, or like me you can purchase one, either way it is all about location.
•    Make sure the box is protected from human disturbance and cats
•    Away from roads
•    Protected from rain, cold and direct light
•    Ideally more than 5m above the ground
•    Don’t forget to place it where you can observe it.

A nest box that looks like a fancy house
I wonder if it makes any difference to the visitor how fancy the box is? It can take up to a year for your box to have a resident but don’t be disheartened.

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Happy Wildlife Watching!