Plants aren't the only things you can use to decorate a garden. Statues, ornaments, water features and even a painted shed can all be decorative features in a garden and express the gardeners creativity. Whilst I do love a good old garden gnome, I also love to admire some of the more unusual things people add to their gardens. I've put together 8 unusual garden ornaments to inspire you to add an unusual ornament to your garden.

1. Simple, rustic and understated, this little orb blends in well within a tall flower bed or stands out at the edge of the decking.

Unusual Garden Ornament - amber orb on a spike

2. This little car is a fun addition to a garden, especially if it's next to a play area.

Unusual Garden Ornament - wooder toy car

3. No one said the ornament needed to be small! Using a large item to display pot plants is a pretty cool idea.

Unusual Garden Ornaments - old cart displayed with pot plants

4. This one would be very unusual in the tropics!!

Unusual Garden Ornaments - Sleigh in the garden with flower pots

5. Adding a brightly coloured item, can create a focal point within your garden.

Unusual Garden Ornaments - cart with flower pots and a bright red cover

6. The whole garden could be focused on just one item, this has a round lawn with round paving all to focus the eye on the central display.

Unusual Garden Ornaments - large stone acorn

7. Unusual doesn't have to mean wacky or quirky, this simple piece is a wonderful example of that.

Unusual Garden Ornaments - stone statue of a flower bud

8. Displaying a piece of history from the local land is a lovely way of decorating your garden.

Unusual Garden Ornaments - old farm hand plough


I really hope these have got your creativity flowing and your inspired to add something unusual to your garden. If you have an unusual garden ornament share a photo of it with us over on our Facebook page.

Happy Gardening!