Did you grow grass heads at school? It was one of my favorite activities. When making a grass head, you decorate them with silly faces and googly eyes and then once they've grown ‘hair’, you're allowed to cut it with scissors! What more do you want from an activity as a kid?

Here's my guide to creating a super awesome grass head.

What you need
Pop-socks or an old pair of tights (cut half way up the leg)
Grass Seed (chives also work well)
Saw dust or potting mix
Yoghurt pot or small cup
Decorations E.G google eyes, fabrics scrapes, coloured paper, pipe cleaners anything you can possible think of.
Water proof glue – for sticking the decorations on with.

Instructive image - Sprinkle Grass seed into a pop sock.
Roll down the pop-sock and sprinkle the grass seeds into the toe section.
Instructive image - Fill sock with sawdust
Fill the pop-sock with saw dust or soil.
Instructive image - secure sock with an elastic band
Secure the opening with an elastic band or by tying a knot. Make sure you leave a little excess fabric.
Instructive image - Shape sock to look like a head
Gentle shape into a round-ish head shape. You might want to manipulate the seeds to spread across the whole head.
Instructive image - decorate your grass head
Get creative! Decorate the face any way you like. You can section little bits of sawdust with little elastic bands to create a nose or ears.
Instructive image - fill your pot or cup with water
Pour some water into your pot or cup.
Instructive image - sit the grass head on the pot and make sure the excess fabric is in the water
Sit the grass head on the top so that the excess fabric is sitting in the water.
Instructive image - watch your grass head grow
Within a week you should start to see your first ‘hairs’.

It’s as easy as that and once you've made your own please share a photo with us on our Facebook page, we would love to see it.

Happy Growing!

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