Beautiful fountain with cherubs

Gardens are the perfect opportunity for you to let your personality shine. You can really use the garden as an expression of yourself, whether you prefer the big bold plants or the dainty little flowers. Adding ornaments and statues to your garden also increases the self expression and what better way to do that than with the addition of some garden characters. We've collected some inspiring characters for every personality.

When talking about garden characters we have to start with the absolute king of the garden friends, the one and only garden gnome!

2 Garden Gnomes - inspirational garden characters

Frog figurines are a popular choice seeing as visiting frogs are our natural pest control!

3 Frog garden statues - inspirational garden characters

Whilst frogs are regular visitors to most gardens, I haven't seen too many T-Rex or Elephants poking around the suburban gardens of Sydney, however adding a miniature one to your garden is pretty cool.

3 statues, Hare, T-Rex and Elephant

If you don't fancy having a T-Rex protect your pansies how about a gargoyle?

two gargoyle statues, one very scary the other more cartoon like

Or if you prefer the lighter side of things, cartoon like friends might just be what your garden is missing.

3 cartoon ornaments - mice, mole and lady bird

Your decoration certainly doesn't have to be small, a big item can make a very strong impact. Like this dragon:

Large Dragon garden statue

or the less mythical dragonfly:

Dragonfly garden sculpture

Of course your art work doesn't have to be of the animal variety.

Collage of multiple garden statues

Statues of children are popular and playful.

Garden statues of children

Items of earthy tones really makes them at one with the garden.

Terracotta coloured garden statues

Single pieces set amongst the flowers is a lovely surprise for admires of your garden to stumble upon.

White statue of a boy amongst pretty flowers

Unusual items make for great conversation pieces.

Mixture of unusual garden statues

Grand Statue of a drummer boy

What ever your personality there is bound to be a garden character right for you and your garden. I hope that you have found some inspiration from these wonderful examples.

As always if you have your own garden character we would love for you to share a photo with us on our Facebook page.

Happy Gardening!

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