A fantastic fence can be a fabulous feature within your garden. Whether the fence is to keep something in or out, or just to mark a boundary it definitely does not have to be boring as this collection of fantastic fences proves.

A fence made up of old metal wheels

Fence #1

What a wheelie good idea to use old wheels.

A fence made up of vertical metal posts

Fence #2

This sculptural fence will keep the Kangaroos out!
A fence with archway made of driftwood

Fence #3

Driftwood is so beautiful and unique, this would also work well as a smaller fence around a beach house.

A fence decorated with hanging baskets and a flower bed

Fence #4

Sometimes it’s not about the fence itself but how you decorate it, hanging baskets, climbing plants and lights all work together to create a fantastic fence.

Simple fence made of rustic old wood

Fence #5

A beautiful rustic fence really helps to create a country garden feel.

A fence made up of pallets

Fence #6

Painted pallets provide a relatively cheap fence, I love the addition of the flower pots along the top.

A living fence made of flexible trees

Fence #7

Living willow fences can be worked into different patterns to suit you.

A fence made of bamboo

Fence #8

The texture of the bamboo really adds a new dimension to the area.

A fence made of recycles items in a square patchwork formation

Fence #9

A patchwork fence can be made from just about anything you can salvage.

A black fence with 3d red butterflies

Fence #10

The contrasting colours make the little butterflies really stand out and jazz up the simple fence.

a solid wooden fence in a lattice style

Fence #11

Such a wonderful and substantial woven wood fence.

A fence made of rustic uneven old posts

Fence #12

Such a beautiful rustic fence, I like the wibbly wobbly-ness of it.

Chain link fence with patterns of flowers incorporated

Fence #13

Chain link has never been so amazing!

A solid wooden fence with patterns of dandelions

Fence #14

Wow… just wow!!

a weaved fence

Fence #15

Wonderful weave, gives such a natural feel to the fence.

large latticed fence with a small wire backing

Fence #16

Great way to protect your kitchen garden from the critters and the roos.

A fence made of old bicycles Fence #17

Pretty unusual but certainly an interesting way of marking a boundary.

There you have it some fantastic fences that are anything but boring.

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