If you’re looking for some inspiring ways to create a memorable Christmas table setting this year then look no further.  With a little creativity and imagination, you can easily create the “wow” factor to delight your guests.  Christmas time is all about spending time with family and friends and by putting a little extra effort into the space where everyone sits down together will let them know just how much you appreciate them.

For Christmas this year we’re feeling the natural vibe and following you’ll find 8 beautiful ways to add some natural elegance and fun to your table.


1. A Rustic Christmas

Place pieces of wooden tree trunks to add a warm and old fashioned Christmas spirit to the table. This is a stunning natural table placement that will be sure to create a unique look.  



2. Pinecones

A small but effective table decoration are small pinecones. You can complement the pinecones with small cut tree trunks and glass décor. 

3. The Christmas Berry 

Ardisia crenata also known as the Christmas berry, adds a traditional feel for the table and is an easy way to decorate. Simply place a green foliage of your choice and Christmas berries along the centre of the table or in a small bucket, vase, or pot plants. 



4. A Hint of Romanticism

Travel back in time with red roses, velvets and silver cutlery.  This is a wonderful way to create a statement table and a dramatic mood this year. 


5. A White Christmas

I just love this rustic and minimalistic approach because you can’t go wrong with a plain white table cloth for a fresh outdoor table.  To create contrast place a strip of hessian and place the decorations on top. Simple white flowers and pine cones provide the perfect finishing touch for this occasion. 


6. The Traditional Christmas

You can’t go wrong with a red table cloth and some white and red flowers to set the mood for Christmas outdoors if you live somewhere tropical.


7. Country Living 

Cream, white, and foliage make for a simple but effective table.  The green foliage requires minimal work and makes for a very clean and festive design on your table. Simply place green foliage around your candles of choice or place them in a small pot plant.  These two table settings show two small touches that could make your table a little more thoughtful, one idea is taking brown butcher paper and using a white pen to write the names of each guest to create a table placement for each plate. The second idea is to buy a miniature pot plants and write each guests name on the pot plant which they can take home as a Christmas present! 


8. Get Creative This Festive Season

Create a fun food plater in the form of a Christmas tree! This is an easy way to create a statement dish on your table and it serves two purposes to look festive and to feed the family.