Here are 8 unique ways to decorate your garden and bring it to life! Everyone loves cute garden ornaments or a bit of DIY so here are a few for you to try.

1. Chickens

Bring your garden to life with a few rustic chooks!

Rustic Chicken ornaments to decorate your garden

2. Hippos

Bring a bit of Africa to life in your garden! Something a bit different but aren’t hippos the cutest!

Hippo ornament to decorate your garden

3. Lady Bug Golf Balls

Have any spare golf balls at home? Here is a great way to recycle them whilst adding a bit of colour to your garden.

Cute lady bug golf ball ornaments to decorate your garden

4. Minion Tier Pot Plants

This one is for a fellow minion lover! This is great DIY project to do with the kids.

Minion tier pot plant ornaments to decorate your garden

5. Shell Pot Plants

This is a great idea if you live on a beach front property and want to bring the sea life onto your balcony or into your garden.

Beautiful shell pot plant ornaments to decorate your garden

6. Spoon Hangers

Have any old spoons? Don’t throw them out you can reuse them to hand your hanging pot plants! Gives your garden a lovely vintage touch.

Cute spoon hanger ornaments to decorate your garden

7. Pot Plant Chandelier

A clever way to reuse an old chandelier and makes for a beautiful pot plant display.
Beautiful pot plant chandelier ornaments to decorate your garden

8. Twig Plant Makers

If you are growing a herb garden here is a natural way to label each herb.

Twig Plant Makers to decorate your herb patch.

Happy Decorating!

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