Everyone loves wine so why not put the wine barrels to use! Keep the idea of wine close by creating something one of kind for your home or garden. Here are 12 handy DIY ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing!

Pot Plant

A great pot plant alternative for a beautiful array of flowers.

Wine Barrel Garden Basket


Create a beautiful light pattern in your garden with a wine barrel lantern.

Wine Barrel Star Lantern

European Pot Plant

Give your garden a European feel with a lamp and wine barrel pot plant.

European Wine barrel pot plant

Wine Cellar

Wine barrels are perfect for keeping wine!

Wine Cellar made from a  wine barrel

Garden Bed

Create a feature flower bed or herb garden using half of the wine barrel.

Wine barrel split garden bed

Vintage Feature

Create a vintage display feature in your garden, patio or café.

Vintage wine barrel feature

Bar and Table

Create your very own handy bar, esky and bar combo made from a wine barrel!

Wine barrel bar and esky

Fire Place

Wine barrels make for authentic medieval looking fireplaces.

Wine barrel fire place

Party Table

Having a garden party or wedding? Place two wine barrels together with a wooden slab on top and have a great buffet table.

Wine barrel wedding or party table feature

Water Feature

Create a beautiful water feature using the bottoms of the wine barrels.

Wine barrel water feature

Dog House or Bed

Create a unique dog house or dog bed for your furry friends to have awesome afternoon naps!

Wine barrel dog bed

Wine barrel dog bed

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