10 Gorgeous Indoor Garden Ideas

Whether you have a small garden, no garden, or prefer to spend the winter months wrapped up inside, there’s no better time to get started on an indoor project. Creating an indoor garden not only brings some of Mother Nature’s beauty inside but also allows you to put green fingers to good use in the warm and dry!

To inspire you to get creative we’ve rounded up our top 10 indoor garden ideas for you to try. Don’t forget to share your home projects with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Get arty with air plants

Tillandsia, or air plants, make a quirky addition to any indoor display. With no need for soil, these versatile plants will grow happily in almost any container you choose – you could even get creative with a still-life arrangement or hand-crafted pot! The subtle green and pale grey shades work well in modern, stylish homes, particularly hanging from a small framework or vase on a bare wall.

Craft a flower wreath

If you’ve got flowers growing outside, then why not cut a few and make a beautiful wreath to hang inside? A Styrofoam or florist wire ring can be purchased from most crafts shops and is the ideal base to wrap grasses around or thread through blossoms. Secure your handiwork in place with some green florist’s wire and attach a loop of string to the back so you can hang your floral creation up.

Harvest your own mushrooms

Did you know there’s such a thing as an indoor mushroom kit? Available to buy online and from some nurseries, the grow-your-own kits contain everything you will need to harvest your very own mushroom crop. From oyster and portobello to delicious button mushrooms, simply set it up on a counter top, water and wait for your tasty crop to grow.

DIY herbs

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Get creative with an indoor herb garden by making a home-grown display. Hanging herb pots around a window will create an eye-catching feature, whilst a vertical herb garden, like the one pictured, will make a real statement in the kitchen. Secure Mason jars to painted planks of wood and plant your choice of herbs. You can write on the herb names in chalk or simply label the jars.

Take your plants to new heights

If you really want to create something special, then an indoor hanging garden won’t fail to impress. Small hanging terrariums or glass jars filled with air plants, succulents or cacti make beautiful planters to hang from the ceiling. You can even mix plants with a lighting display for an eye-catching natural look. Retailers such as Etsy and Koch & Co sell unique hanging planters and air plant holders to help elevate your indoor garden – literally!

Recycle, recycle, recycle

One person’s trash is another person’s planter! Old measuring cups, jugs, pots and mugs can be given a new lease of life with a fresh lick of paint and some soil. These small reused containers lend themselves to growing miniature succulents, which can be arranged on a coffee table or bedside cabinet for a pop of colour and natural beauty.

Gardening in miniature

Terrariums are the ideal choice if you want to create a whole garden inside – a miniature one that is! These small verdant worlds can be a simple mix of pebbles and plants, or a whimsical recreation of a beautiful country garden complete with tiny cottages, figurines and hand-crafted scenes. A clear glass vessel, succulents and cacti, potting soil, sand and pebbles are all you need to get started in creating your very own miniature garden.

Create a living wall

Vertical gardening is becoming an increasingly popular concept. Stunning to look at, a lush green wall takes a little more time and investment than some of our other indoor gardening suggestions, however, the finished look is undeniably impressive and will suit a bathroom or lounge particularly well. You will need a good solid frame, fabric (if you’re going for a soil-free version), an irrigation system designed to reach all parts of the wall, a container to catch excess water and, of course, the plants themselves. If you want something a bit simpler then you can create a living wall with potted plants that you simply hand-water. This is a cheaper but no less attractive alternative.

Simple succulents

A woven basket of succulents, or an eye-catching succulent arrangement, is a low-cost, easy way of bringing some green into your home. A succulent is a plant with fleshy leaves usually used to retain water. They come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes and are pretty fuss-free, happy to grow wherever you put them with very little looking after – a great option if you want a low-maintenance indoor garden.

Decorate with plants

Colourful or geometric wall planters will instantly add interest to a room. This idea is like a vertical garden in miniature, without the need for an irrigation system or large space. Some plants can grow through fabric like felt, or alternatively install a specially designed fabric wall planter with everything you need included.

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