We're A Nation Of Dirty Cars

According to our survey not only has Australian hosing habits changed but so has car washing habits.

5 July 2016

Washing the car on the grass makes the most of the water

Australia has long boasted a rich and proud automotive heritage.  While the industry itself has taken a few hits recently, the popularity of events like the Bathurst 1000, V8 Supercars, the ongoing battle between Ford and Holden, and the Australian Grand Prix emphatically proves that Australians are still very much car enthusiasts.

Nonetheless, the stereotypical image of the family man washing his pride and joy on the weekend (and usually every weekend) is gone.  We’re now a nation of dirty cars with more than three quarters of respondents to our survey advising that they wash their cars just once a fortnight or less – mostly less (55%).

The survey of over 2,000 people was conducted by us, to discover the changing hose habits of Australians.  According to Tim Kierath, founder of Hoselink, not only does a busier lifestyle contribute to people washing their cars less often, but there has also been a shift in attitude to water use and conservation.

“The hose habits of Australians have changed since the last drought when severe water restrictions were put in place,” said Tim.  “We found that only 11 per cent of Australians wash their car every week and more than half wash their cars less than once a fortnight.”

Tasmania and Western Australia seem to have the dirtiest cars with around two-thirds of respondents in each State stating they wash their cars less often than once a fortnight, while people in South Australia (27%) and Victoria (25%) are the most likely to take their cars to the car wash.

“There is a really easy way to wash the car at home and be water conscious at the same time,” advises Tim.  “Put the car on the lawn to water and fertilise the grass at the same time as car shampoos use phosphates that are similar to many fertilisers.  Be sure to use biodegradable soap and it won’t harm your lawn.”

Happy Car Washing!