Using Nasturtiums In The Kitchen

Looking for more ways to use Nasturtiums in the kitchen? Our audience have got some delicious ways you can get the most out of your home grown goodies.

15 January 2016


Home grown Nasturtium flowersA little while ago we asked our Facebook audience for their suggestions and recipes for using our wonderful Nasturtium crop, that had grown exceptionally well. As usual the audience didn't disappoint and they came up with some wonderful suggestions. Using them in salads was definitely the top answer but they also had a few yummy ideas we would never have thought of.




Make a BLT with Nasturtiums

Eat with sandwiches with cold mashed potato and Nasturtiums

Use Nasturtiums in salads, omelettes and stuff the flowers with cream cheese.

Curried egg sandwiches garnished with Nasturtiums

 Nasturtium pesto and Nasturtium and pea soup

I like to sugar Nasturtiums like violets

Freeze Nasturtiums in ice cubes and add to summer drinks

Can't say we ever tried this...

Suck Nasturtium nectar from the little tube

but we certainly will now!

Recipes for using nasturtiums in the kitchenWe've found Nasturtiums exceptionally easy to grow here in Sydney so it's great to have so many wonderful and different ways to use them, both savoury and sweet!

If you have got any other suggestions please do let us know in the comments below.

Happy Growing!


Comments (6)

Memorable Nasturtiums

Was just telling a friend the other day how we used to pick the flowers and suck the nectar and Mum used to make us nasturtium leaf sandwiches. Great memories. Think I'll plant some.
, 2 February 2016

Any one for flowers

If you like flowers -try cooked pumpkin flowers. They are yummy in food or bacon and eggs
, 2 February 2016


Try pickling the seeds and use like capers
, 23 January 2016

Substitute for lettuce.

Living in Queensland my nasturtiums reach weed proportions with absolutely no care. A two or three dollar supermarket lettuce. for a person living on their own as I do. is wilted and useless before a quarter eaten. But nasturtium leaves, still alive from the picking, make a fine substitute with a more feisty peppery flavour. Free. Most of the year round .
, 19 January 2016


Thank you for all the tips and great ideas.
, 19 January 2016