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Thinking “Which hose is right for me?” The answers are here!

Monique SC
3 March 2017


A common question we get asked a lot is “Which hose is right for me?”  The answer isn’t actually that straight forward because there isn’t just one kind of garden hose that’s perfect for everyone. What works best for you will depend on the size of the area in which you’ll be using it, what you’ll use the hose for and where you’ll store it, as well as your budget. In general however, there are three things you should consider when choosing a garden hose.

hoselink hose reel


How long should my hose be?

Longer is not better. Why? Not only do longer hoses cost more, they’re heavier to move around, need more storage space, can be difficult to drain before putting them away, and can result in lower water pressure coming out the end.  This is why our longest hose is 30m. 


What length hose is right for my garden?

Measure the farthest distance from your tap and buy a hose that goes just beyond that. You don’t want to tug on the hose to stretch it out as that’s likely to cause snags or leaks.


What if a 30m hose isn’t long enough for my garden?

Not a problem, we have a simple and easy solution!  If you need a longer length of hose than 30m, consider buying two hoses and joining them together when you need to go beyond 30m. That way you’re not lugging around a long, heavy garden hose all the time. Our hoses all come pre-fitted with a hose connector each end so when they're joined together you have a strong, no burst join.

hose connector


What diameter hose is right for me?

We sell hoses with diameters of 12mm, 14mm and 18mm. These measurements are based on the inside diameter of the hose, not the outside. The bigger the diameter, the more water the hose will carry.
A hose width of 12mm is generally the most useful and the most common in garden hoses. It’s a good combination of water flow and pressure without being too heavy and that’s why the majority of our hoses are 12mm.

classic hose

The only 14mm hose we currently sell is the 25m Hi-Flow Retractable Hose Reel  This hose is perfect for those who have lower water pressure but still want the benefits of a Retractable Hose Reel.  The larger diameter helps negate the pressure reduction that can be experienced in a retractable reel.

Our 18mm range is typically used in rural and commercial applications and provide a higher water flow rate than standard 12mm hoses and fittings.  Keep in mind these hoses hold a lot of water and are usually heavy to pull around the garden as you water.

Is your hose driving you Kinking Crazy?

Don’t you just hate it when you’re watering and the hose kinks? So do we, which is why we have discovered the solution. Flexibility and kinking go hand in hand, the softer and more flexible the hose the more it will kink, which is why you’ll often struggle with cheap hoses.
Both our Classic Hose  and Superflex Hose feature a thick wall to combat kinking.  The materials used to construct these hoses remains flexible enough so they’re easy to wind up after use too.

Our Retractable Hose Reels rarely kink when used as intended.  For optimal performance they best way to use a retractable hose is to pull out the length of hose required and then retract it back once you have finished watering.
The hose inside the reel has been designed specifically for use with a retractable reel and is softer than any of our standard hoses.  This makes it flexible enough to easily wind back into the hose reel unit.  It also has limited expansion, allowing the reel to pull out and retract without obstruction.   A normal garden hose cannot be fitted to a retractable reel because they would never rewind neatly.


Hoselink has the perfect hose for you!

The right garden hose can make any watering task fun and pleasurable.  Our range of quality hoses in a variety of lengths and options will ensure you can find one to suit your needs.
Hoselink Garden Hoses are:
•        Made durable to withstand Australian conditions
•        Easy to roll and store away
•        Pre-fitted with Hoselink Hose End Connectors


Still not sure what hose is right for you?

Here are some key points about each hose to help you make your decision.


The Retractable Hose Reels 

•    Stop anywhere’ Locking Mechanism, no need to pull the whole hose out every time you want to use it close to the reel.
•    Easy to unwind and easy to put away meaning there is no more untidy hose lying around.
•    Because it is not lying around in a tangled mess, it is unlikely to kink.
•    Reel pivots 1800 on the bracket to face you wherever you are in the garden.
•    Reel can be padlocked to the bracket for security.
•    Available in 15m, 20m, 25m & 30m
•    Weight 15m = 9kg 20m = 9.45kg 25m = 12.55kg 30m = 13.95kg Hi-Flow 25m = 13.55kg
•    2yr Warranty
•    Maximum pressure 150PSI
•    Comes with a Premium Metal 7 function Spray Gun.
•    View on our website


The Superflex Hose

•    Kink resistance rating of 9 out of 10.
•    Weight 18m = 4kg 30m = 7kg
•    Heavy Duty for rougher, tougher use.
•    8yr warranty
•    Suitable for temperatures ranging from -5oC to 50oC
•    Maximum pressure 500PSI
•    View on our website


The Classic Hose

•    Kink Resistance rating of 8 out of 10.
•    Weight 18m = 3.7kg 30m = 6kg
•    Great garden hose for normal garden use.
•    6yr warranty
•    Suitable for temperatures ranging from 2oC to 45oC
•    Maximum pressure 500PSI
•    View on our website

Don’t forget you can always call us on 1300 900 617 and have a chat about your needs.

Happy Hosing!












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Hi I rang early this morning with a few queries an

Questions we want to order 230 metre hose reel set ups How heavy will this be as we will be putting it onto cedar weather boards which line our house Also how long is the connector hose as we may need one slightly longer Will there be an extra charge for this or can we have a slightly longer one instead as the one supplied will be no good to use I wish to order 2 30 metre bhose reel sets - any discount for 2? Many thanks Look forward to a reply
8 September 2017

Hoselink Response
Hi Tim and Fran, I have passed on your information to the sales/customer service team they can place your order for you.