Tea Cup Pigs in the Garden

Everything you need to know about tea cup pigs!

Monique SC
29 June 2017


I’m sure you all have seen and heard about Tea Cup Pigs! If not they are miniature pigs that are terribly cute! These little piggies have gone viral because of their cuteness but also because they make incredible pets. I decided to share the cutest pictures of mini pigs in the garden I could find to hopefully bring a smile to your face! 

Here is a little bit about mini pigs and how to keep them as pets. Mini pigs won’t stay mini forever! Sad but true, normal pigs grow to be 300 kg full size and mini pigs grow to be about 70kg which is still quite big. Mini pigs reach their full size only after 5 years so don’t be deceived at first. Sadly, mini pigs don’t live that long- their life expectancy is 5-10 years. Mini pigs are highly sociable, like attention and hate being left alone so if you don’t have the time for one of these precious little pigs then best not to get one. Interesting fact about mini pigs is that at first, they don’t like their human parents the and process of winning their affection is slow. Once you earn your mini pigs affection it is a beautiful friendship and bond for life.  

Miniature pigs are known for being food lovers, but aren’t we all! Mini pigs will oink and squeal until they get their meal when they are hungry so do expect to feed them heaps!


Mini pigs are known for being infectiously cheerful. 

mini pig in the garden

How could you not want to take this little guy home?

mini pig in a bucket with flowers

Pretty in Pink! Two things we love most roses and mini pigs. 

Mini Pig and a Rose

We know caramel French Bulldogs are all the rage but give me this little caramel piggy any day!

Caramel mini pig

Life is good for some!
mini pigs under an umbrella

Mini pigs make great pets because they have great style and attitude! Interesting fact mini pigs when first brought home might try and boss you around! 
Mini pig in colorful outfit

How could you not love that little face?  Mini pigs are actually highly intelligent which is why the make great pets. 

mini big in a field of flowers

Showers in the garden for this little one. On the contrary to what people think mini pigs are extremely hygienic and clean pets. 

mini pig having a shower in the garden

Naps in the Garden with friends. Mini pigs are highly sociable and find it easy to make friends. They also love to snuggle. 

mini pig friends in the garden

Don’t mind me just maxing out in the garden. 

mini pig in a hammock

This mini pig and baby goat are best friends.  Mini pigs have great love for all creatures. 

baby goat kisses mini pi

Rubber ducky you’re the one. Mini pigs are known for being loyal and affectionate. 

mini pig in the water with rubber duck

Mini pigs can also be mischievous but that’s what makes them so fun to have around! 

mini pig in a bucket

Comments (4)

Where can I buy them?

I have fallen in love with these pigs but there is no mention of how to get hold of some.
, 12 July 2017

Hoselink Response
Hi there, I wouldn't be able to advise where to buy the mini pigs you would have to google search around where you live as there aren't that many places listed who sell them. Cheers, Monique

Not a good idea

Sorry, I don't agree with mini pigs as pets. Most people don't know what they are getting themselves into. The RSPCA is already full of unwanted pets let alone the mini pig fad. http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/why-you-should-think-twice-before-buying-a-teacup-pig/
, 11 July 2017

Hoselink Response
Hi there, yes that is very true we really aren't pushing people to buy mini pigs but we thought we should share how cute they are. In light of your post would be great if readers who are interested in mini pigs could adopt them :) Have a lovely day! Cheers, Monique

Big pigs

Now you have shown us those adorable pics we need to see a full size teacup pig so people don't just think that is so cute I want one without knowing what they are going to end up with. They do end up much bigger than you think they will.
, 11 July 2017

mini pigs

I love the article about the mini pigs , cute they are but only for responsible owner , as they get bigger people don't find them cute any longer and get rid of them .
, 11 July 2017
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