Sensational Pizza Ovens

Be inspired by 19 sensational pizza ovens for the garden!

11 July 2016


First of all Outdoor pizza oven in a terraced gardenI would like to apologise to anyone who ends up hungry by the end of this blog post, the temptation to eat pizza whilst at my desk was huge!!

I don't think I really need to state the benefit of having your own pizza oven...but I get awesome pizza!!

A pizza cooked in a real pizza oven tastes amazing! Even a store bought pizza from the supermarket will taste better cooked in a proper pizza oven.

But pizza isn't the only thing you can bake in a pizza oven, bread of course can be cooked in there. The possibilities are endless, meat dishes, baked desserts and dried meat and fruit can all be cooked using a pizza oven, the only limit is your imagination.

Like many things a pizza oven can be an awesome decorative feature in your garden, so I've put together a few examples of sensational pizza ovens to inspire you.

These pizza ovens are a work of art!

Collage of Mosaic pizza / stonebake ovens

However your pizza oven doesn't have to be a work of art to cook your pizza.

oil drum pizza / stone bkae ovens

A brick built oven is going to stand the test of time and makes a great feature in the garden.

brick built pizza / stone bake oven

Incorporating work space into your pizza oven area is a useful idea.

pizza /stone bake ovens with work space

Finally if you want something outrageous you could always go the mythical route.

collage of dragon pizza / stone bake ovens

Simple plain black pizza / stone bake ovenI'm not sure that the look of your pizza oven will make a huge amount of difference to the taste but it could make a massive impact in your garden. Even a simple, understated oven will look cool on the decking.

If you have a sensational pizza oven please do share a photo with us over on our Facebook page.

Happy Cooking!



Comments (3)


Beautiful designs so clever
, 21 July 2016

Love pizza

Always going to build one but never get around to it. We just love wood fired pizza, they are the best. Liked the gallery of wood ovens, I need to get some plans and build one. .
, 20 July 2016

If only!

Such beautiful ideas. I adore my man but I wish he loved to make things. If only the 44 gallon pizza hut.
, 19 July 2016
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