Our Favourite 8 Flowering Hedges

Here are 8 of our Favourite Flowering Hedges for alternative and creative options to get your garden looking spectacular.

Monique SC
16 November 2016


Hedging is a key element to garden design and can be used in several creative ways to create a truly mesmerizing garden. Your first instinct might be to think of hedges as green blocks but you no longer have to think this way because flowering hedges are now a popular way to landscape your space.  Why? Simply because they are prettier! Why not add a touch of colour to create an eye-catching area in your garden? We have picked 8 of our favourite flowering hedges to get your creative juices flowing.


1. Camellia

Camellia spp. 
Height: 1-4 meters
Appearance: Short-stalked flowers in White, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow with glossy dark green leafs. 
Countries: American (Zones 6 to 11), Australia (Coastal), South East Asia, South Africa. 

Camellias make a strikingly beautiful full shrub with the flowers providing a nice vintage touch.  This evergreen tree blooms in early autumn and lasts through winter into early spring showing off its gorgeous pink, red, orange and yellow flowers. These beauties are of the most delicate nature so it is best to avoid strong winds and severe heat. 


2. Daphne

Daphne spp.
Height: 1.5 meter
Appearance: Neat compact bushes with leathery glossy green leaves and showy round heads of small flowers with 4 petals in White, Pink, Red, Purple.
Countries: America (Zones 4 to 10), Australis (Coastal), Asia, North Africa, Europe.

This beautiful shrub is a crossover between a vintage and tropical looking flowers and could easily lend itself to several types of garden themes and designs. The Daphne has an amazing fragrance and following the growth of the flowers, it fruits. It makes for a versatile flowering hedge and covers a lot of ground.



3. French Lilac

Syringa vulgaris spp.
Height: 2.5-4 Meters
Appearance: Lilac to Purple
Countries: America (Zones 3 to 8) and Australia (Coastal Areas)

The French Lilac is a stunning shrub that grows best in small groupings. If you are looking to add a wonderfully scented and sturdy shrub to your garden, this is the plant for you. The French Lilac comes in shades of lilacs to purples and blooms in summer through to autumn. 



4. Hydrangea

Hydrangea spp.
Height: 1-1.5 meters
Appearance: Round globe shaped flowers in White, Pink, Lilac to Pale Blue with green foliage.
Countries: America (Zones 4 to 10), Australia (Coastal), South East Asia

The Hydrangea is a classic beauty that adds a vintage touch to your garden. The Hydrangea is a showy shrub and is a gardeners’ favourite because of its easy-care and incredible look. This is a great flowering hedge for a cottage style garden.  



5. Rhododendron

Rhododendron spp. 
Height: 2-4 meters
Appearance: White, Pink, Lilac, Red, Fuchsia Flowers and Green Foliage
Countries: America (Zones 4 to 9), Australia (Coastal Areas)

The Rhododendron flowers in summer and spring with beautiful open flowers, with the most popular colours being fuchsia and white, with mint green foliage. Rhododendrons are known for their showy blooms and one of the most popular flowering hedges. It is a great flowering hedge for lifting and adding fullness to a garden.  



6. Rose of Sharon

Hibiscus syriacus spp.
Height: 2-4 meters
Appearance: White, Pink, Lilac, Fuchsia, Multi Colours with green foliage. 
Countries: American (Zones 5 to 9), Australia (Coastal Areas), South East Asia

The Rose of Sharon is part of the Hibiscus family and is by far one of the most loved flowers, adding a vibrant and tropical feel to any garden. The Rose of Sharon comes in shrubs with beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in a variety of colours from late summer through to autumn. These flowers have been known to be late bloomers however they are worth the wait. 



7. Viburnum

Viburnum Tinus spp. 
Height: 2-4 meters
Countries: America (Zones 2 to 9) and Australia (Coastal Areas)

The Viburnum is a great option for hedging as it’s a neutral plant that will work in most any garden, making a highly popular option for hedging. The Viburnum comes in small trees and shrubs with round clusters of white flowers and green leafs and can produce fruit as well.  


8. Weigela

Weigela spp. 
Height: 2 meters
Appearance: Pink Flowers and Green to Burgundy Foliage
Countries: Australia (Coastal Areas), America (Zones 3-9), and South East Asia. 

If you are looking for a pretty and feminine shrub the Weigela is perfect. The Weigela blooms in beautiful shades of pink from soft pink to fuchsia, from early spring through to autumn with burgundy fall foliage. It is best to plant Weigelas in the borders of your garden and flower beds.  


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Advice please. Want a hedge 8 metres long, 1.5 to 2 metres high to go between driveway and a wall, garden bed about 1ft. Gold Coast. Is Daphne appropriate, does it need regular pruning? What other flowering hedge can I use please?
, 17 August 2017

Hoselink Response
Hi there, I am no expert on Daphne for hedges but it should be fine on the gold coast with regular watering. I found a helpful article about Daphnes: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s1977788.htm Hope this helps.

Love these !

Which would grow best in full sun in sandy soil ? I am in zone 4, wanting a privacy hedge. Thanks, Tracy
, 12 June 2017

Hedging choice

Excellent help for a novice gardener Thank you:)
, 3 January 2017

Hoselink Response
Hi Judy, thanks so much! I am trying haha. Slowly but surely I am learning more and more about gardening :) Thanks, Monique

Growing Hydrageas

I have white hydrangeas growing, because of this year's (Victoria, Gippsland region) I have for the first time in 22 years masses of flowers. Because of the heat of summer and we will be away what is the best shading cloth material to put over these blooms so that we can still enjoy them over the summer months.
, 13 December 2016

Great tips

Thanks for the run through, made it so easy to pick out a suitable hedge for my new garden bed :)
17 November 2016

Hoselink Response
Glad I could help Michelle :)
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