Kittens in the Garden

What better than a beautiful garden? A garden filled with kittens!

Monique SC
20 July 2017


After all the love the puppy blog received we wanted to share that love for our tiny furry little kitten friends! Here are a few insanely cute images of kittens in the garden! I hope that this blog brings a smile to your face! In case you missed the puppy blog make to sure to have a look by clicking here

Peak a boo! 

Kitten in the garden


A pot plant or a cat plant? 

Kittens or a pot plant?



Breathing in that sweet, sweet smells of fresh flowers. 

Kitten smelling the flowers


Gardens are like giant jungles for the baby kittens to explore with their humans. 

Kitten and their human friend


Gardens are perfect for kittens and friends to take naps.

Kittens napping together


Sometimes kittens cause havoc in your flower bed but they are only babies and are too cute to be mad at!

Kittens having fun in the garden


Baby kittens can help you water the garden. 

Baby kittens helping water the garden


Kittens are great garden helpers. Well sort of. At least they have your back!

Kitten helping gardener



This little kitten might not understand what this watering can is for but they just want to join to the gardening fun. 

Kitten in a watering can


Frolicking through the flowers with mates, that’s what’s life is about! At least when you are a kitten. 

Kittens playing in the flower fields


Puppy and Kitten love!

Kitten and puppy cuddles


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Baby Love

What lovely photos, they've made my day. Thank you !!
, 2 August 2017