Earn Yourself a $50 HOSELINK Voucher

We are seeking guest posts for our blog. Your chance to share your knowledge with the Hoselink community.


Would you like to earn yourself a $50 HOSELINK voucher?

Do you know your roses from your pansies, your sunflowers from your daisies?  Have you picked up a few tips and tricks over the years that you would love to share with the Hoselink community? Well here is your chance to be heard.

We are seeking guest posts for our blog. You don’t need to be an expert writer, you just need to thoroughly know your topic and be able to communicate in an interesting and engaging way for garden lovers of all levels.

Just for example:

  • You might be an expert on Orchids and would like to write a guide to keeping orchids for beginners.
  • You might be a prize winning pumpkin grower and would like to share you tips on growing supersized pumpkins. 
  • You may have created your own terrarium and would like to write a step by step guide for others to follow. 
  • You may have a check list of tasks to carry out in spring to prepare for the new season.
  • You might have made your own garden decorations and would like to write a step by step guide for others to follow.

We are after posts on anything to do with gardening, plant care or in the garden.  The possibilities are endless!


Take a look at the other blog posts on our website to get a feel for our style.

Posts should be:

  • No more than 800 words.
  • Accompanied by at least 1 high quality image of your own, the more images the better especially for step by step guides.
  • Clearly written in proper sentences with correct spelling and grammar.
  • Simply formatted as we will do the fancy stuff when publishing.

Please submit your post via email to hoselink@hoselink.com.au Subject: BLOG ENTRY

For every post we publish we’ll reward you with a $50 Hoselink Voucher, allowing you to use your earnings to keep your garden watered.

Unfortunately it may not be possible for us to publish every post submitted.

Happy Writing!

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I'm a backyard gardener who,loves to grow orchids .Here a few tips that helps make them happy & bloom .In winter I like to put them in sunny position in my yard ,they seem to really appreciate a dose of natural light .Repot every 3-5 years in black plastic pots ,for some reason they love them .Feed mine every few months with liquid fertiliser Trim off dead & damaged leaves , bit of toc goes along way .Hope this helps growing & help your orchids bloom .
, 19 February 2017

Orchids for everyone

I'm a home gardener ,my passion is to grow these beautiful plants .I repot every 3 years with a good quality orchid mix ,trim any dead leaves to prevent diseases .I often rotate my pots in the sun & shade it seems to promote flowers with lots of flower spikes .They respond well to fertilising regularly & water when needed .When flowering they last longer on the plant up to 2-3 months .Good luck ,hope my tips help .
, 7 October 2015
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