Grow Up

Vertical gardening is a great way to maximise your space and give another dimension to your garden.

5 December 2014

Vertical gardening has always been around but recently it has become more popular especially as our yards are getting smaller and balconies are becoming more common. Even in large gardens vertical gardening has its benefits. Whether your garden is large or small vertical gardening will add a flare to your outdoor space. Here are 7 reasons why you should grow up!

Grow your own privacy screen

By doing this you can hide those unwanted views, unsightly air conditioners or jazz up a hard or stark looking building. It’s also a great cure for nosy neighbours!

Dog peering over a fence

Grow more plants & higher crop yield

Not only are you increasing your floor space by growing up you can also increase your crop yield. Plants such as pumpkins and vines can be trained to grow up and over trellis.

vegetables growing on an overhead frame

Maximise & Define space

Not only will you be increasing your available space, you also can use vertical gardening to enhance and define your space. Great examples of this are window boxes and hanging baskets.

Hanging baskets full of flowers fill a small street

Create a garden room

Vertical structures such as arches, gazebos and pergolas help to create a room like space and focus the eye onto an entrance to an area of your garden, ‘the room’.

garden room covered in climbing plants

Save your back

By raising the plants off the floor it makes plants easier to reach, fertilising, watering, pruning and harvesting all become easier.

cartoon of man with bad back

Healthy plants

Raising plants off the ground improves air circulation around them which equals healthier plants and less disease and pest problems.

Bright and beautiful sunflower

Micro climate

A living natural shield can insulate a building (from heat, air pollution or noise) and help to regulate temperature by cooling and shading an area.  Vertical structure like a tepee, trellis, pergola, arbor, arch or A-frame that will provide shade below can also create a micro climate.  The cooler spot under the support will suit shade-loving plants and sun worshippers will thrive climbing up and over, so everyone is a winner.

teepee or wigwam made out of climbing plants

If you haven’t already started growing up, then hopefully this will have convinced you that it is about time you did!

Happy Growing!


N.B. This article has been written for Australian gardens. If you're reading this from around the world, we do hope you've found it a useful stepping stone for your own further research.