Glorious Greenhouses

13 wonderfully inspiring ideas for a glorious greenhouse. From the extravagant to the simple there is something to suit every gardener.

21 April 2016


Large Greenhouse by a lake

After recently writing A Quick Guide To Greenhouses I thought now is a great time to be looking at a variety of different greenhouses for a bit of inspiration.

When I think of a greenhouse this is what springs to mind

Common garden greenhouse

But there are many more different types of greenhouses out there. Lots of big houses and botanical gardens have very impressive works of architectural art and even a humble home garden can have a wonderful architectural greenhouse.

Collage of three huge and impressive greenhouses

Genius design doesn't have to be fancy if you've got advanced mathematical skills and a bit of wood and plastic.

Geo dome greenhouse made from wood and plastic sheeting

A glorious greenhouse need not come with a hefty price tag as these home made greenhouses prove. Using recycled windows you can put together a wonderful creation for nothing.

Collage of three greenhouses made from recycled windows

Whilst we're on the subject of home made and recycled greenhouses take a look at two very different ideas using a little bit of wood and some plastic sheeting.

Collage of two greenhouses made from wooden frames with palstic sheeting

And if you want to take recycling to a whole new level check out this awesome creation, made from old plastic bottles

A Greenhouse made out of plastic bottles

Single plastic bottle over a new seedling growing in the groundBut if you don't have the time or patience you can always stick with this idea.

Whether you choose to house your plants in a glass palace, a geometric dome or an old bottle, we can't wait to see the fruits of your labour!

If you've got a glorious greenhouse at home we would love for you to share a photo with us on our Facebook page.

Happy Gardening!

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From Garage to Greenhouse!

Living in Ballarat is cold. You can expect a good deal of summer to be as cold as winter. My long term garden plan is to convert half of my double garage and workshop to a greenhouse, by adding some laserlight panels to the roof and glass doors facing north. I don't need a second car space; I do need room to garden indoors in inclement weather, extend my vegie growing season and provide a warm, frost free microclimate for growing plants I would not otherwise be able to grow in cold and frosty Ballarat. Plan on letting my chooks in from time to time to deal with pests even. Can't wait....
, 15 November 2016


Wonderful ideas Hoselink. You have got me going.
, 2 May 2016
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