Getting the most from your Hoselink Reel

All the help you’ll need to locate, move, maintain and secure your Retractable Hose Reel

Michelle Di Micco
25 March 2014


Your Retractable Hose Reel comes with one wall bracket. If you are planning to use it in two locations, you’ll need to purchase an Additional Wall Bracket and we recommend also purchasing another Tap Connector. This means you’ll simply disconnect from the tap, lift the Hose Reel and put it into the other bracket, then connect with a point and twist onto the other tap.

Every hose reel has two conveniently located handles to make it easily portable. Please bear in mind that the longer the Retractable Hose Reel, the heavier it will be when filled with water.

Spare bracket for Hose Reel Additional Brackets
ITEM 3110 - $21.90
Spare Hoselink Tap Connector Tap Connectors
ITEM 2320 - $5.90


The 2m leader hose on your Retractable Hose Reels supplies water from the tap to the Hose Reel case. If you need to install the wall bracket further than 2m away from your tap, you’ll need to add an additional length of hose that has been fitted with Hoselink hose connectors.

There are a couple of different options for you. You can use a length of hose you already have and purchase a Hose Joiner Set, or you can purchase one of our pre-cut and fitted Leader Hose Extensions.

Hoselink Hose Joiner Set Hose Joiner Set
ITEM 2410 - $9.90
Additional length of leader hose for hose reel 5m Leader Hose Extension
ITEM 4863 - $19.90


The case of your Retractable Hose Reel is UV stabilised however we have also created a range of Hose Reel Covers for extra protection. A Cover is particularly helpful if your hose reel is positioned in strong sunlight all day long.

Some customers have experienced wasps setting up house in the screw holes around the case. This can create a rusty brown colour on the case. A cover will stop wasps from nesting and ensure it stays looking good on your wall.


You may find that the hose can drag dirt inside the case when it retracts. We recommend periodic cleaning of the hose to ensure that it operates smoothly.

To do this, simply stand at the case and hold a wet cloth over the hose as it retracts. You could also hose the length of the hose when it is fully extended and retract it into the case once it has dried.

If the inside of the case becomes dirty you can spray water into it. Any water will come out a drain hole in the bottom.


Padlock and keys for hose reel Padlocks
ITEM 3340 - $8.90

If you are concerned about protecting your Hose Reel from would be thieves, you can use a padlock to secure it to the bracket. You may also consider disconnecting the spray gun from the hose and storing it safely away.

Alternatively, you can remove the unit from the bracket for storage in your garage or shed.


This is easily done by always walking the hose out as far as it is needed, then locking it off. Never stand near the hose reel case and pull the hose out, allowing it to pool on the ground. If you do this, when you walk off, it will behave like any other hose and a kink may form along its length.

As you move around the garden, it is a good idea to extend or retract the hose as you go to suit your position from the case.

Always retract the hose when you finish watering and walk it back into the case.

Extending the Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel

Comments (19)

Securing your hose reel

Dear hoselink Can you please provide details or an explanation on how the padlock will secure the hosereel to the bracket.
, 4 January 2017

Hoselink Response
Hi There, we are more than happy to explain further. If you look at your hose reel you will see the silver metal pole that comes out the bottom and it has two holes in it each side. Simply put the padlock through one of the holes and close it. Do you not try to but the padlock through both holes it will not fit or close. This will stop someone from lifting the hose reel out of the bracket. I hope this helps. Cheers, Monique

Loving My Hoselink Hose so much my garden actually

I have 3/4 of an acre block, most of which is garden. I moved here to enjoy my garden, but after having a small garden in Melbourne, I didn't realise just how heavy and encumbering using hoses with dodgy fittings would be. Watering became a chore and I nearly gave up on my garden and was even considering selling up. Then came trying a friend's hoselink hose out. Wow1 I ordered one the same day. It has turned both my gardening life and the success of my garden around! Such a special Aussie product. Well done Tim and the whole Hoselink Team!
, 15 November 2016


Does the hose reel stay against the wall if you leave it there or will it move? I have a path next to my tap and if the reel stills out at a 90 degree angle it will block the path. What is the best product in this instance? The manual reel?
, 10 November 2015

Hoselink Response
Yes the reel will stay against the wall if that is where you leave it.

Explanation please

can I buy two sets of brackets for the hose case and then use to hold the hose and reel at either back or front of house I only have a small garden back and front but I need the length so I can wash the house down from time to time as we live in a Retirement village on the bay of Geelong
, 29 September 2015

Hoselink Response
Yes you can purchase additional brackets to hold the reel in a different location. You will need an extra Tap Connector on the second tap, if you don't already have one. The other thing to bear in mind is weight of your reel, the longer ones are obviously heavier, depending how far apart your taps are you may not want to carry it that distance.

hoselink 10 or more years still work like the firs

I purchased my first hoselink starter set ten or fifeteen years ago from triton inventers website . They are blue & orange while on the outside they are a bit sun affected they have original o rings but still DON'T LEAK OR BURST the've been to hell & back too left laying in sun, dirt, mud, all those years . WELL DONE HOSELINK !!!!!!!!! how unique to have a product that performs flawlessly in this day of throw away redundancy rubbish . Now I very happily own two 20 metre hosereels with covers , your fantastic metal spray guns , flow controls all working flawlessly every time . Tim Kierath for PM ????? I'm sure hoselink customers would agree ! thankyou John wise
, 9 February 2015