Carnivorous Plants

Mother Nature has created some weird and wonderful plants, here we take a look at the Carnivorous Plants of the Natural World.

27 August 2015

When I was young I had a venus fly trap, it was my favorite plant. I could never understand how a plant could move, plants don't move! At least that's what 8yr old me thought, turns out there are actually quite a few plants that move but that's another blog post entirely. Carnivorous plants are fascinating things, here is some great facts you never knew you wanted to know about them. Enjoy!

A Quick Guide to Carnivorous Plants

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Excellent reading for children

Wow! What a wonderful world we live in and this has been put so simply my grandchildren loved reading about it. Thanks, I'm off to buy them some.
9 September 2015

Carnivorous Plants

Thanks for that informative little article, it made very interesting reading
, 9 September 2015

Very informative

Thank you for these postings of characteristics of the Plant world. I find the extra knowledge - of use or not - is veryinteresting and well presented. I look forward to further postings. I already enjoy the use of products purchased some time ago.
, 9 September 2015


Knowing about carnivorous plants makes one wonder how we can get through life without having the knowledge of such things.
, 9 September 2015
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