Beautiful Christmas Tablescapes

A collection of our favorite Christmas table decoration ideas.

4 December 2014

Christmas is very nearly here and about this time every year the best china and the special candlesticks that live in the cupboard for the rest of the year, make an appearance for their pre-Christmas clean.  It’s also a good time to get some inspiration for your Christmas tablescape - that’s a fancy name for laying the table nicely to those of us non-interior designers. We have put together a collection of some of our favourite tablescapes.

Simple Pine Cone

This simple, rustic layout gives a very laid-back and relaxed feel.

Rustic simple tablescape

Beach Blue

The watery blue colour scheme fits in perfectly with the sea view.

blue tablescape

Beach Coral

A gorgeous warm sunny feel, with the sea side coral colour scheme.

gorgeous coral coloured beach side tablescape

Deep Red

The deep red gives a very cosy, warm feel to a simple layout.

Warm deep red tablescape


Such a fun table layout, crackers as scarfs and napkins as hats is another idea for the snowman's attire.

Fun playful snowman tablescape

White and Red

A wonderfully bright, vibrant layout with only two colours.

bright red and white tablescape

Kid's Snowman

A fantastically fun layout, great for the kids table or for those of us who aren’t quite ready to grow up.

Fun bright colours playful childrens tablescape

French Country Cottage

This French country cottage, is a gorgeous shabby chic layout.

French Rustic Cottage Tablescape

All White

This is all white done right.

Simple plain white tablescape

Black and White

Monochrome is a cool alternative to the usual Christmas colours.

Sophisticated black and white tablescape


The tartan picnic rug is a wonderful alternative to a tablecloth giving a very rustic, outdoor feel to the table.

Outdoor picnic style rustic tablescape


Your relatives will be green with envy when they see this one.

Green glass tablescape


A very natural looking tablescape, with a lovely Scandinavian feel.

Scandinavian style rustic tablescape

Red Polka Dot

The polka dots bring an element of grown up fun to the table.

Fun red and white polka dots


Delicate gold tones, give a rich opulent feel to this table.

Elegant gold tablescape

Red Stockings

I know this isn’t a full tablescape but I could resist sharing these fantastic little creations with you.

Small individual knitted stocking holding cutler for a buffet

Candy Cane Flower Arrangement

Last but not least is a gorgeous floral centre piece.

Candy cane flower arrangement

I am sure whatever tablescape you lay will be wonderful because at the end of the day there will food, family and friends.

Happy Christmas!