12 Great Gifting Plants

Looking for the Perfect Gift? Here are 12 Great Gifts for Your Friends and Loved Ones this Christmas!

Monique SC
24 November 2016


If you are feeling stuck this festive season and are unsure about what to give family or friends, then consider a plant because it’s the gift that keeps on giving!  Gifting a pot plant is a great gift if you are working on a budget but still want to get them something meaningful and thoughtful. Here are 12 pot plants that would make perfect gifts this Christmas! 



This is a great gift for those friends who like low-maintenance pot plants or perhaps who have not been blessed with green fingers!  Aloe is very trendy at the moment and has a very clean cut look for a home with modern décor. 


Cactus With a Flower

A Classic! The cactus with or without a flower is a great gift for a friend who has an earthy touch to their home décor or even perhaps a bohemian décor. A cactus plant would be an ideal gift for a woman in their early 20’s or late teens. 



Phalaenopsis Orchid

This pot plant is timeless as orchids are sophisticated, beautiful and low maintenance. It makes for a statement pot plant and a wonderful gift for any home décor. 


Blossoming Abundance Gardenia Bonsai

This is another gender neutral gift! You can also get bonsai tree’s without flowers if you are giving this plant to man. There is something so special about bonsai because the idea of having a miniature tree in the home is just fascinating! I think it’s safe to say bonsai is a real crowd pleaser being a low maintenance plant and a real statement piece. 

Image 1: https://www.ftd.com/blossoming-abundance-gardenia-bonsai-prd/mb41                             Image 2: https://au.pinterest.com/pin/132645151495472935/


Baby Olive Tree 

The baby olive tree is a great gift because it is gender neutral and would suit either a man or woman. An understated, modern, and low maintenance plant makes a wonderful gift for any of your friends. 


Image 1: http://www.sunset.com/garden/flowers-plants/plant-gifts/baby-olive-trees                           Image 2: http://www.houzz.com/photos/11100772/Olive-Tree-in-Terrac-otta-Pot-traditional-indoor-pots-and-planters


Herbs in a Pot 

This is the gift that truly keeps giving. This will keep your loved ones healthy and cooking with fresh organic herbs they can snip off whenever needed! 


King Protea 

This is one of my personal favourites because it’s effortlessly eloquent. What’s great about this flower is that you can let it dry out and it does not die. It is great for a friend or loved one who likes low maintenance flowers! As you can see in the pictures there are so many creative ways you can gift this gorgeous flower.  

Image 1: http://forums.theknot.com/discussion/1048656/florist-vs-onlinem    Image 2: https://au.pinterest.com/pin/191262315401810848/


Lilium Oriental Lily Bulb

Lillies are big, bright and flamboyant. They make a great gift because it looks great when presented as a pot plant but can later be transitioned to the garden! This flower require a bit more tender loving care so perhaps gift these to a friend who has green fingers. 


Image 1: http://wp.vws-export.com/liliums/author/admin/                                                                     Image 2: https://www.gardenia.net/guide/best-lilies-for-pots-and-containers



The Iris is a beautiful classic with a vintage touch! This would be perfect for a friend who has an old-fashioned touch to their décor.  A really cute and creative touch is to place the ordinary pot plant into a vintage container to make the gift more personalised and thoughtful.


Hyacinthus Orientalis Hyacinth

These flowers are so vibrant and strong that a more understated pot is the way to go. Remember for a beautiful touch add a mulch of your choice!


Peace Lily Plant 

This wonderful indoor plant is very hard to kill, so it’s perfect for those who lack green fingers!   Best of all it works with most home decors, making it the perfect plant gift for anyone! 

Image 1: https://www.artistryinbloomsaco.com/content/p-213-spathiphyllum-peace-lily-plant        Image 2: http://www.gardening-forums.com/threads/plants-for-shady-spots.2476


Pineapple Bromeliad

Saving the best for last, this one is truly unique and exotic - the pineapple bromeliad! This would be ideal for anyone who loves pineapples and has a big personality! If you are looking for something unique this is your plant. The best part about this gift is that you can eat is when it’s fully grown! 

Image 1: https://naturescolours.com.au/product/                                                                                       Image 2: http://www.gardeningtipsnideas.com/2006/11/


Different Ways to Wrap the Put Plants

Here are few ideas on who to wrap your gifting plants!





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hnaging bird bath

this year one of your tips showed how to make a hanging bird bath with rope and a pot or large bowl - was such a good idea - kept it but lost it in cyber space somewhere!! would love a copy please. Thank you in anticipation. love your tips. Lesley Penfold
, 6 December 2016

Hoselink Response
Hi Lesley so glad to hear my blog helped you! Here is the link : https://www.hoselink.com.au/blog/8-diy-bird-baths/ Cheers, Monique


Thank you for these wonderful ideas. Love receiving pot plants.
, 6 December 2016

Hoselink Response
You are welcome glad you enjoyed the blog! Cheers, Monique
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