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Hi-Flow 25m Retractable Hose Reel

ITEM: 3425 Hi-Flow 25m Retractable Hose Reel

Rating: 4.95 2486 reviews The Reel Deal: FREE Watering Pack valued at $80.20 More Info


20m Retractable Hose Reel

ITEM: 3320 20m Retractable Hose Reel

Rating: 4.95 2777 reviews The Reel Deal: FREE Watering Pack valued at $80.20 More Info


30m Retractable Hose Reel

ITEM: 3330 30m Retractable Hose Reel

Rating: 4.95 4695 reviews The Reel Deal: FREE Watering Pack valued at $80.20 More Info


Hose Reel Cover - Classic

ITEM: 3316 Hose Reel Cover - Classic

Rating: 4.91 1032 reviews Protect your hose reel and prolong its life More Info


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Premium Ned Kelly Starter Kit

ITEM: 2256 Residential Premium Ned Kelly Starter Kit

Rating: 4.95 3058 reviews 7-function sprayer and connectors plus bonus swivel More Info


Water Wise Starter Kit

ITEM: 2270 Residential Water Wise Starter Kit

Rating: 4.91 302 reviews Our latest connector kit with all the best features More Info

Was $39.90 Now $37.90

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Universal Tap Connector

ITEM: 2320 Residential Universal Tap Connector

Rating: 4.96 1075 reviews Experience a watertight seal that won’t burst off More Info


Hose Connector with Flow Control (12mm)

ITEM: 2423 Residential Hose Connector with Flow Control (12mm)

Rating: 4.67 106 reviews Complete water control at the end of your hose More Info


Hose Joiner Set

ITEM: 2410 Residential Hose Joiner Set

Rating: 4.97 1068 reviews Guaranteed to NEVER burst off your hose! More Info


Click-on Adapter Set

ITEM: 2491 Residential Click-on Adapter Set

Rating: 4.93 2654 reviews Easily attach your ‘click-on’ watering accessories More Info


Accessory Conversion Bundle

ITEM: 9962 Accessory Conversion Bundle

Rating: 4.88 72 reviews Adapt to any brand watering accessory More Info


Premium 7-Function Spray Gun

ITEM: 5528 Premium 7-Function Spray Gun

Rating: 4.88 643 reviews Perfect all-round trigger spray gun More Info


Shower Spray Wand

ITEM: 5555 Shower Spray Wand

Rating: 4.33 6 reviews Perfect for additional reach More Info



ITEM: 5560 Blaster

Rating: 4.77 241 reviews Good things come in small packages More Info


Super Jet Washer

ITEM: 5563 Super Jet Washer

Rating: 4.88 739 reviews Make easy work of a tough job More Info


Extendable Cleaning Brush

ITEM: 7004 Extendable Cleaning Brush

Write a review Super soft bristles + water flow control More Info


Oscillating Sprinkler

ITEM: 5642 Oscillating Sprinkler

Write a review Perfect for large rectangular areas More Info


9-Pattern Sprinkler

ITEM: 5640 9-Pattern Sprinkler

Write a review Durable, versatile for average yards and odd shapes More Info


Classic Round Sprinkler

ITEM: 5638 Classic Round Sprinkler

Rating: 4.87 402 reviews Small to average yards - no moving parts! More Info


2-Way Brass Tap Adapter

ITEM: 5742 2-Way Brass Tap Adapter

Rating: 4.86 304 reviews Turn one tap into two! More Info


Easy Tap Turner

ITEM: 5822 Easy Tap Turner

Rating: 4.93 189 reviews Makes it easy to turn the tap on and off More Info


Super Soft Drying Towel - Large

ITEM: 7000 Super Soft Drying Towel - Large

Rating: 4.95 159 reviews Beats a chamois hands down More Info


Pink Secateurs 225mm

ITEM: 6553 Pink Secateurs 225mm

Rating: 4.89 97 reviews High quality, heavy duty. And they're pink! More Info


Ratchet Pruners

ITEM: 6540 Ratchet Pruners

Rating: 4.82 162 reviews Makes pruning easier More Info



ITEM: 6535 Sharpener

Rating: 4.88 144 reviews Keep your blades and tools sharp and ready More Info


Trowel, Fork & Weeder Set

ITEM: 6635 Trowel, Fork & Weeder Set

Rating: 5.00 8 reviews Save with this bundle More Info


Hand Scythe Weeder

ITEM: 6631 Hand Scythe Weeder

Rating: 4.94 62 reviews Make light work of the toughest weeds More Info


Additional Wall Bracket

ITEM: 3112 Additional Wall Bracket

Rating: 4.96 644 reviews Use your Retractable Hose Reel at another location More Info


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